How to be a businessman

Business is very important but also a little bit careless of what happens to you. For example, businessmen do not care about anything as long as they have money. But in this book i will tell you how to be a business man. Step by step and this will make you be a businessman in 4 years. It takes that long. So without further ado lets get started.

1. I know it is boring but you need to be in business school for about 2-3 years. And you have to pass it or you cannot be a proper business man
2. Get a good business job. this might sound impossible but there are many business men that have a good business job
3. Always dress smartly. What i mean about dress smartly is you have to be smart in your moves to, and you need to dress accordingly as i say you would need to wear a business suit, nice pants, white shirt, and a tie in any kind. And for girls a white or grey dress or the same thing as the boys.
4. If you can’t get a business job then make your own and this is how- get employees, make a website, build a business office, get computers and other social media, make rooms like the lunch room and meeting room and probably a work room and do step number 3 always
5. Do not wear shorts, t- shirt, flip flops or weird accessories. You would not dress smartly and you would be embarrassed in front of a whole lot of people
6. Create several books by doing these following steps, get a leather cover, make a title, write the book and organise the pages
7. Always act fancy in these ways- chin up, hands behind back and a strict attitude

This is how to not be a business man
1. Failing all the business exams
2. Falling over 6 times at the business
3. Taking selfies and snapchats
4. Having fun colors like pastels
5. Wear other dress codes and not the given one above
6. Bringing candy, popcorn, etc
7. Jumping all over the place
8. Crying like a toddler

The most important part of business is selling. There are many parts of business.

  1. Market research = figuring out what product to sell.
  2. Development = designing the product.
  3. Production = making the product.
  4. Marketing = find out who will buy the product + advertising to them.
  5. IT/Tech = website.
  6. Accounting = counting the money.
  7. Management = making the big decisions.
  8. Sales = selling the product to people. Remember, the most important part is sales. Whoever can sell, can make the most money and become the boss.

Follow this and voila!